Scotland – Spiritual Home

Celia and Mark with Ken and I. “Cheers” to Time of Your Life.

 The Summer of 2017

As a family, we have never taken off on big adventurous trips like many of our friends. I like the thought of an exotic adventure, but I have to admit that I am more of an ‘easy foreign holiday’ kinda girl. So, motivated by my husband of 45 years, Ken (a great list maker and planner), we arranged a few gentle sorties for our Summer of ’17. Looking back, it’s amazing how much we managed to pack in!


Scotland beckoned in the April and we headed to Gleneagles along with Celia, one of my four sisters (actually we call her Seal, it’s probably better that you don’t ask) and her hubby Mark.

Ken’s brother has lived in and around ‘the glorious playground’ that is Gleneagles for many years and it has become something of a spiritual home that we are regularly drawn back to. It might have something to do with the golf, but the rolling hills, open skies and lungs full of crystal clean air, in peaceful surroundings have captivated us all. This special place has even had an impact on my eldest grandson, Jack. He is fifteen and says that Gleneagles’ holidays’ are “the best ever”.

So, with nothing particular on the agenda other than to relax, we walked with Sam, our fox-red Labrador in tow, chatted and reminisced about family, lingered over coffee and enjoyed lazy suppers. A perfect holiday.

Sam loves Scotland!

My dear old Dad used to say that I should write a book. I don’t think that I was ever up to that challenge but I am doing the next best thing in his memory by writing this blog. He was right about one thing though – our [very] large family is always colourful; such a lot going on with a rich seam of tales to tell.

Family has always been very important to me. We love getting together for gossip and a giggle and there is usually food involved. I am the eldest of seven and in the early days, we had big noisy gatherings at HQ, the family home.

April 2017 was also a significant, bitter sweet time as we were remembering my brother Greg.

It was the first anniversary of his death and we did what we do for family occasions – we got together over a meal. Greg had always been the life and soul of any party and would always entertain us with a tune or two at the end of an evening, with a glass in hand. So we had a good night in his memory and raised more than a glass or two to him.

Greg certainly knew how to have The Time of his Life.

All of us together, with Greg proudly in the middle.
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Written by Annie Stirk