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Solo Travel! To go, or not to go?


This morning as I sipped my cuppa and scanned the web, I came across an article which found that women over 50 were most likely to travel solo in 2017. Apparently we are feeling more empowered and financially independent than ever before!

I am sad to say I am yet to embark on a solo holiday, however I absolutely love the idea.

Although I love to explore new places with my husband, friends and family, I do understand the appeal to just take off on your own! But it does take a bit of thinking about and organising.

When you are on holiday, whether it is a trip around the world or even just a short break, when you go accompanied, compromises usually have to be made: which restaurants you all fancy, an activity that wasn’t really up your street, or even missing out on an activity because no one else wanted to do it.

But if you are going solo; you can eat fish and chips on the harbour wall, get up as late or early as you please, explore or don’t explore as much or as little as you like, spend the whole time reading and drinking tea without anybody else’s timetable to interfere. The world, truly is your oyster.

So I am interested to know, have you ever travelled solo or planning to? We would love to hear all about it and any tips or traumas you could share!

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Written by Annie Stirk